Why Use a Design-Build General Contractor for Your Commercial Project

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Construction Company

While design-build is not a new concept, it has become more popular. This approach is beneficial when constructing large commercial projects like office buildings and retail stores because it allows for greater control over costs and quality and improved efficiency throughout the project cycle. The following are reasons to work with a design-build general contractor.

Single Point of Responsibility

The design-build general contractor is responsible for all aspects of your project. They have a single point of responsibility, which means there are no delays due to change orders or other situations that can arise when multiple parties are involved in the construction process.

Improves Project Flow

Design-build is a process that allows you to start construction before the design is complete. This procedure can be helpful if you need to begin your project immediately or if other constraints are in place. The design-build process also allows you to make changes during construction, which can mean getting more value out of your design process.

Reduces Risks

Design-build projects are often completed faster than traditional construction methods because the design team works closely with the general contractor, who then has a better idea of what to expect when they start working on your project. In addition, because they’re working together from the beginning, there are fewer delays and cost overruns.

Creates an Efficient Process

Design-build general contractors have a team of experts in their fields, including engineers, architects, and builders. The design-build general contractor will manage your entire project from start to finish, ensuring every aspect is completed on time and within budget.

Better Cost Control

Design-build project managers better understand the project because they’re involved from the beginning. They can do more to control costs and help you stay on budget than a general contractor who comes in after the design is complete. A design-build general contractor can help you get a better deal on materials, labor, and time frames by knowing what’s needed ahead of time and working with subcontractors early in the process.

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