Important Questions to Ask ADU General Contractors Santa Ana, CA

by | Feb 28, 2023 | General contractor

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a secondary home constructed on a property that already has a residential building. Typically, the pre-existing building is either a multi or single-family residence, although the ADUs in these homes contain different home divisions. Below are questions that homeowners should ask potential general contractors for their projects.

Are They Familiar With ADU Regulations?

ADU construction is like any other commercial building project because it needs high skills to avoid future complications. A potential ADU contractor should know the laws and regulations for setting them up. A qualified contractor should know how to tackle site challenges like drainage problems, sloppy lots, and uneven soil. Ask about what law changes may occur connecting to your initial property.

What ADU Schemes Have They Finished?

An ADU contractor who has finished various ADU constructions gives absolute confidence in managing your project. Ask questions about their previous projects and look into them. A well-experienced contractor should display the expected work efficiently. ADU in Santa Ana, CA provides long-term skilled contractors.

What Shows Their Long-Term Commitment?

Typically, asking the contractor how long they’ve been in the business is customary. A work warranty is of no value if the contractor is out of business. It’s a good sign if the contractor is recognized in important commerce associations.

There are numerous questions to ask ADU general contractors to ensure there are no complications in the future. These questions include what type of warranty plan they give and their unique financing choices. ADU in Santa Ana, CA has qualified ADU contractors who offer reliable and quality work. To start your project, please visit Orange County ADU Contractor.

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