How to Select a Land Surveyor in New York City, NY

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance, Construction Company

Whether you are buying or selling a property, it is likely that you will want the help of a land surveyor in New York City, NY. This is especially true if it is a property with both a building and land. And yet, if you are a builder or commercial property owner, you also need the skills of properly licensed and trained surveyors. At Rampa Land Surveying P.C., you will find all of the expert services you need from a land surveyor in New York City, NY.

Cities Can Be Challenging

Naturally, a land surveyor in New York City, NY works with many of the same tools and requirements as a land surveyor in a rural area, and yet the work of the urban surveyor can be much more difficult. It is why you want to ensure that your choice in surveying company has both the skill and the advanced systems that can make every job a certainty.

As an example, consider that many rural surveyors still use traditional gear that includes a tripod fitted with a base station (such as a theodolite or a far more advanced total station that does all of the measuring and note taking), metal detectors, GPS gear, and so on. Yet, in an urban area, the amount of time and the many challenges of taking measurements with those devices would greatly increase the cost of even a simple project.

This is why you want a firm that has already invested in top of the line tech, such as High Definition Laser Scanning. With such systems, a surveying team is able to rapidly accumulate data as diverse as elevation, layout and much more. New buildings, refurbishments and almost any other project would be great facilitated by this tech.

You will also want your team to be able to tackle the many needs of a building firm. For instance, stakeouts that map out the dimensions and specific corners or locations of a project ahead of time, foundation surveys and even optical surveys that might track any impact a project is having on neighboring structures.

If you are in need of a skilled and technologically advanced land surveyor in New York City, NY, pay a visit to Rampa Land Surveying, P.C. and discover the many advanced services and options they have available for commercial and residential property owners in New York City, Staten Island and the Bronx. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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