Requesting Help with Palm Tree Services in Anaheim

Palm trees require care and maintenance to look their best. However, many property owners don’t have the time or skills to ensure the trees are handled properly and call for palm tree services in Anaheim. What types of services might be requested?

Root Care

Palm trees don’t have deep roots. In fact, the root balls do not grow when the tree that is seen above ground grows. For this reason, the palm tree must be regularly fertilized to ensure the plant gets the nutrition it needs to grow and thrive. Furthermore, the tree must get enough water, and this depends, in large part, on the local climate where the tree is planted. The palm tree service provider can be of help in determining how much water is needed for the trees on a property.


Palm trees tend to shed their fronds without assistance. However, if any fronds are brown, old, or yellowing, they should be removed so they don’t take nutrients from young fronds. Care must be taken to ensure they aren’t trimmed to close. Doing so could damage the bark and allow disease and insects to overtake the tree.

Pest Control

Palm trees are susceptible to a number of pests. For example, giant palm borers can do significant damage to a tree and may spread to neighboring trees. The South American palm weevil is a new threat to palm trees in California and is of great concern to many in the area. The right palm tree service provider can help owners protect their trees from these and other pests.

If you are in need of help when it comes to caring for your palm trees, call on a provider that specializes in palm tree services in Anaheim. Don’t simply pick a name out of the book, as these trees do have unique needs. Many property owners in the area choose to make use of Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. as they know this company has the experience needed to properly care for the trees and address any issues that arise. Call the firm today to discuss your needs and they’ll be happy to work out a care plan with you. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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