Tree Contractors in Orange County and a Method Known as Directional Pruning

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Tree Service

Many residential property owners love having a lot of trees in the yard, but they are dismayed when the branches grow too long. Those branches can start brushing against the roof, scraping against the siding and reaching toward electrical lines. Directional pruning is a method used by Tree Contractors in Orange County to encourage future growth away from power lines, buildings and even clotheslines.

Directional Pruning

Using this technique, professional Tree Contractors in Orange County prune complete limbs and branches back to the trunk. They know how to do this with precision so the tree still looks natural and is not out of balance, which would increase the risk of it toppling during high winds. Regrowth will occur on that side but it will take years before branches start to encroach upon utility lines or other structures.

The Resulting Debris

Workers with a company such as Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc can haul away all the debris or they can leave it on the property if that’s what the customer prefers. Many homeowners have fireplaces or wood stoves, and would like to cut up the wood to use later. Some want the smaller bits of wood for mulch. Although this mulch will probably include more than one species and will not have a consistent appearance, it still is useful for functional purposes if not particularly decorative.

Future Considerations

Sometimes homeowners don’t consider the growth of a tree when they plant a sapling. It doesn’t seem possible that this little plant could ever grow and spread out so far that it would get too close to electric lines or the home’s roof. They might consult an arborist before doing any tree planting, as those professional workers can better visualize a tree’s growth over future decades.

If property owners don’t prevent branches from reaching high-voltage power lines, they will likely discover utility workers doing the pruning one day. If that happens, the tree owners may be dissatisfied with the trimming work. Complaints are common about the results when trimming is not done by tree service contractors, with people referring to the work as a hatchet job. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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