Professional Stump Removal in Anaheim

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Tree Service

Stumps in residential and commercial property pose safety hazards, increase liability risks, and make the property unsightly. They also take up space that can be used for other landscaping elements, such as a water feature, a small flower garden, an herb garden, or signage. Many owners attempt to remove the stumps themselves which is not a wise idea. It is difficult to know what will be needed to remove that stump just by looking at it.

Possible Problems

That stump can be infested with ants, insects, or termites. The roots connected to the stump can be longer and deeper than anticipated or be wrapped around a pipe or buried line. Another problem is that most stumps are heavier than they appear. Without the proper experience and tools, Stump Removal in Anaheim can be dangerous. Attempting removal on your own can make the situation worse.


It is easier, faster, and often cheaper to hire an experienced company, such as Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc, to take care of all tree needs. Compare pricing and procedures before selecting a company. Some companies leave the cleaning up tasks to the property owners. A company that has been serving the area and providing excellent services for Stump Removal in Anaheim will make sure the area is cleaned up prior to leaving.

Easier Maintenance

In addition to gaining back space and reducing tripping hazards, there are other benefits to removing stumps. Maintenance becomes easier because the person on the riding mower does not have to be concerned about maneuvering the machinery around stumps. The mower lasts longer because blades do not become dull and wheels are not damaged when stumps are run over.

Other Services

Stump removal is only one of several services available to property owners. Tree trimming, palm tree skinning, and stump grinding are offered along with tree maintenance and care. Storm damage and yard clean up are also offered. Firewood is for sale and estimates are free. Increase curb appeal of the property and eliminate attracting pests to the yard by getting rid of that eyesore. Before you or anyone else trips over that stump one more time, call to have it professionally removed. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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