Call For Emergency Fire Damage Restoration in Pittsburgh PA Immediately After A Fire

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Landscape Point

The complexity of restoring items from smoke and fire damage should only be performed by a highly-trained individual. Although the original fire has been put out, the residual effects left behind can be water and smoke damage, mold and residue that can create corrosion and yellowing to items within the structure. A call should be made immediately to Emergency Fire Damage Restoration in Pittsburgh PA. The longer the structure and contents are covered with smoke, fire and water damage, the better opportunity there will be for secondary damage to occur to them. A complete restoration will need to be performed in order to restore the structure to the original condition it was in before the disaster occurred.

An emergency fire damage restoration in Pittsburgh PA can restore a home from the basement to the roof and every area in between. Deodorization and sanitization will also take place as well as pressure washing and cleaning the outside of the structure. A homeowner has already been traumatized by a fire in their home and a restoration company offers a homeowner the security that their personal belongings will be taken care of. A restoration company will inventory every item that is removed from the home for cleaning, trash or restorative services.

Everything in a home will be cleaned by an experienced professional. This cleaning will include upholstery, bedding, window coverings, furniture, appliances, electronics, personal items, kitchen accessories, books and many other items located within a home. If an item is severely discolored from smoke damage, a restoration company will do everything they can to remove it. If the color cannot be removed, they may explore other options to repair the item or will replace it. A restoration company will assist a homeowner in understanding what insurance companies expect for restoration alternatives and how the insurance company determines depreciation and value of items within a home.

Mold and mildew removal will be performed from the water used on the fire. Any structural repairs to secure the home will be performed along with any necessary emergency board ups to secure the home. For more information on the fire or smoke restoration in a home or business, please feel free to browse our website.

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