High-fidelity Laser Scans for Project Management

Until recently, surveys required involved and time-consuming methods to complete. Cost-effective and up-to-date laser scans, however, have changed all that by capturing site data, including layout and elevation and other applicable information, and presenting it in a usable form for engineers, developers, architects and other industry professionals.

Highly-detailed Site Information

Today’s laser-scanning technology has taken once labor-intensive and complex work to new levels of efficiency and speed. Among the most important aspects of architecture and construction are the details. With laser scanning’s high level of detail and quality, each element of a project is clearly identified.

Modern Technology

To get this level of detail, such specialized equipment as the FARO FocusM 70 work by making rapid scans of small areas, resulting in a high level of detail gathered very efficiently. Licensed and fully-qualified operators provide robust, cost-effective and accurate scans as aids to construction projects.

High Adaptability

The information recorded with laser scanning services can work with any type or style of project or location. That means anything that requires feature identification, from preservation and restoration of historical sites to tracking construction progress, can be achieved. Using a laser scanner in Brooklyn, NY, for example, where yard fences can be offset from property lines by inches or feet, provides accurate information for addressing potential legal and logistical questions early on.

When making improvements or modifications near property limits or using laser scanners in Brooklyn, NY, to manage historical sites, a scan is a great asset. And their time and cost-saving rapidity make them available early in a project or transaction.

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