Why Every Home can Benefit From a Copper Ceiling in Long Island, NY

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

There are a number of reasons why homeowners want metal ceilings. This look is common in older homes, so it can be a matter of retaining the integrity of the home during a remodel. Or, it could just be that the homeowner wants a high-quality and distinctive look that is not like every other house on their block. When considering installing a tin or Copper Ceiling Long Island NY homeowners who are concerned about investing in this material should take the time to discover how adaptable and durable they really are.

An Affordable Alternative

Exquisite homes with amazing architecture deserve something special for their ceilings as well. Unfortunately, not every homeowner can afford the decorative plasterwork seen in mansions and fine estates. A metal ceiling offers the same look, at only a fraction of the price. Once painted, there is often very little difference in appearance to the average bystander. The ceiling can still have the same intricate designs, but have it in a durable material that will last for decades.

A Durable Choice

Rusting and tarnishing are not concerns, so these ceilings can be used even in humid areas like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. “Tin” ceilings are actually constructed today of aluminum. This makes them lighter in weight, but more resilient. Choosing a Copper Ceiling Long Island NY residents do not have to worry about polishing and tarnish removal, because they are copper coated panels, rather than solid copper. In addition, the finishes applied to the copper makes the material easy to keep clean.

A Quick Installation

Unlike materials like drywall or plaster, metal ceilings can be installed quickly without a lot of mess. This is true whether people choose to have them installed for them, or to do it themselves. They also require very little maintenance over time, so they save the homeowner work and expense over the years.

By installing a Copper Ceiling Long Island NY homeowners will boost their homes aesthetic appeal and their resale value as well. It will instantly improve the appearance of the room, adding a country charm or modern elegance, depending on the metal chosen, the pattern selected and whether the panels are painted or left natural. Click here to learn more about what styles are available.

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