When Might You Need Home Damage Restoration In Ocala Florida?

This might sound like a funny question – who wants to restore home damage? On the other hand, if something has damaged your home, you would certainly want the home restored to at least its pre-damage state. This will apply equally to Ocala, the rest of Florida and, indeed, anywhere in the world.

What Do We Mean By Damage?

Home Damage Restoration in Ocala certainly sounds like something serious has gone wrong but, and perhaps more to the point, how severe is this home damage in Ocala? If all we are looking at is the repair of time induced wear and tear on the fabric of the building (with maybe a bit of remodeling thrown in), then, a general building contractor should be able to deal with it. However, should the damage be more structural in nature, a more specialized contractor should be approached.

What To Do

First of all, the cause and extent of the damage needs to be evaluated. This is required not only for the damaged parts to be restored, but, also, to make sure that there is no risk of a reoccurrence. Fortunately, this part of Florida is not prone to earthquakes and (generally) escapes the more severe (and regular) damage that hurricanes and tornadoes inflict on buildings elsewhere in the State. However, lightning strikes are a distinct possibility that you should protect your home from.

Fire is always going to be a possibility although the risk can (and should) be minimized. By the way, when a fire on Thanksgiving Day in 1883 destroyed most of the downtown Ocala, brick, steel and granite were encouraged over lumber for the rebuilding which gave the city the nickname “Brick City”.

Flooding is another risk some homeowners face, but the area is inland with no major bodies of water, so the risk is minimal. Underground activity is a far more likely cause of serious damage in and around Ocala. The region is typically limestone (karst) and underground water is a major feature of such geology. Quite large sinkholes can open up unexpectedly, and soil subsidence is often experienced.

However your home is constructed, it does not simply sit on the ground’s surface. Properly designed and installed foundations are needed to keep the structure standing.

You should Visit Ram Jack Solid Foundations if you can see obvious signs of (or even suspect) that the foundations of your building are in trouble. Their experts will advise you on the best course of action leading up to any required Home Damage Restoration in Ocala.

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