The many benefits of a walk-in bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs are designed in such a way that users do not have to climb to gain access to the tub. The tub has a watertight door that is opened before the tub is filled, rather than have to climb over the top of a traditional tub; the user only has to negotiate a small step above the level of the floor. Once the user is in and seated the tub is filled with water. A walk-in bathtub in Pittsburgh can be fitted with hot and cold faucets; hand held shower head or even therapeutic water jets.

Walk-in bathtubs are primarily installed for use by the elderly or a handicapped individual. Walk-in tubs usually have a somewhat different configuration to a standard tub; they are taller and shorter which lends itself to use by someone that requires handholds and satiating.

For most people bathing is something that is taken for granted, fill the tub and step in. Bathing can be very challenging for those people who are confined to a wheelchair or suffer from a condition that restricts their movement. A walk-in bathtub in Pittsburgh is designed with a raised seat; this makes it much easier and safer for the individual to transfer from the wheelchair, into the bath and back into the wheelchair. Depending on the individual the seat can be used to sit on, or it can be used as an aid.

The door for a walk-in bathtub can swing either in or out, and there is some debate as to which is the better approach. An inward swing door requires less space for the installation and allows the individual to enter directly into the tub. The concern is that the aged or handicapped person may have to maneuver around the door; this can be a concern, but the majority of inward swinging doors swing in the direction of the tub wall. As the tub fills, water pressure tends to hold the door tightly closed although the tub must be completely empty before the door can be opened. The majority of walk-in bathtubs use an inward swing door; they are safe, take less space and cost less than the alternative.

For personal hygiene as well as soothing of tired limbs, nothing quite beats a bath. If you have an aging parent or someone that is physically handicapped living in your home a visit to Business Name is the first step to helping your loved one regain some degree of independence.

The elderly and the handicapped are often limited in what they can do. A walk-in bathtub in Pittsburgh is designed to allow for safe and easy entry and exit from the tub, have a seat built in and easy to reach faucets. For complete details, you are invited to contact Business Name.

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