Tips For Reducing Commercial Landscaping Costs

One of the last places you may think to turn for support in the reduction of commercial landscaping costs is to the landscaping company. However, top commercial landscape service companies understand the value in assisting their customers and providing top quality installation and maintenance services.

Commercial landscapers need to be aware at the start of the project as to the budget. This is not only for the installation of the plants and sod but also for the ongoing maintenance budget as well. With this information, the horticulturists and designers on the project can select trees, sod type, and plants for the property that are going to provide the desired aesthetics as well as meet requirements for year-round care.

Maintenance Schedules

Depending on the plants selected and the particular growing season, maintenance schedules will vary. This is also dependent on the weather and seasonal growth patterns in a given geographic area.

To help to decrease the short and long-term commercial landscaping costs, look to native plants and grasses and hardy perennials. This will limit the amount of maintenance required throughout the year as well as the costs of annual flowering plants for gardens.

Fertilization and Irrigation

While initially, irrigation is a cost, it will help in promoting healthy growth throughout the growing season. With minimal moisture requirements met for plants and grass, there is less stress and less plant and grass loss, even in the driest of summers.

Fertilization is also a critical consideration. By choosing the correct application of fertilizer and mulch, commercial landscaping costs can be kept low without any unnecessary costs. Look for companies that are focused on best management practices for fertilization as well as pest and weed control as this not only promotes healthy gardens but also helps the environment as well.

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