Are You Planning To Have Your Kitchen Remodeled?

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

The kitchen in a home should reflect the lifestyle of the homeowners, it should meet the cooking needs, be spacious enough for dining, and it should have plenty of storage space. The décor should be complimentary to the overall design of the house and compliment the family gatherings that will take place in the space. There is a lot to think about before you get down to the details, start by setting out goals for your new space.

Things to consider:

Remodeling San Antonio kitchens are not easy, you have to consider the size of the space, how you want your new kitchen to connect to other rooms, your lifestyle and of course; your budget.


In a kitchen, especially a small one, every square inch of space is important. The physical space will dictate the design. If the existing kitchen cannot accommodate your new thinking, is it possible to knock out a wall or build an extension? A good kitchen planner can help you develop a workable plan.


There is no reason why you should feel obliged to stick with the same basic layout. Do not be overly concerned with a window or door that is now in the wrong place nor do you have to stick with the same position for the sink and major appliances. Electrical wiring and plumbing can be altered easily. What is important is how you move within the space, can you move easily from the sink to the stove to the refrigerator?


Remodel San Antonio kitchens take into account lifestyle; do you entertain in your home often? What type of cook are you? These are the types of questions that need to be asked; the answers can help you and the designers prioritize the various features in the new area. Do not think of the solutions first, focus on the questions. As the design comes together, the variables will work themselves out. If you lock in a design feature too early it may preclude an even better design that solves other problems.

San Antonio kitchens are the focal point of most homes. When it comes time to remodel, set your goals and make sure you hire a contractor that has the skills and desire to realize them. You are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling for your kitchen remodeling project.

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