Frequently Asked Questions About Shingle Roofs Installation In Nashville

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Roofing

When it’s time to put new asphalt shingles on a house, many individuals aspire to install the roof themselves. Before embarking on a major roofing project, individuals should learn some basic details about roofing. Individuals can read the frequently asked questions below to learn about Shingle Roofs Installation in Nashville.

How should individuals prepare for installing an asphalt shingle roof?

Before starting on the actual installation of the roof, individuals will need to do some preparation first. Individuals should remove photographs, wall hangings and decor from the walls of the home. When the installation of the roof begins, the vibrations can knock these items off the walls and cause them to break.

On the outside of the house, individuals can use tarps to cover flower beds, shrubs and outdoor furniture to prevent them from damage when roofing materials and debris are thrown off the roof. Individuals should rope off the area around the perimeter of the house to keep others away from the house while the roofing project is underway.

What are the steps that are required for installing a shingle roof on a home?

The first step of a Shingle Roofs Installation in Nashville is to tear off all of the old asphalt shingles that are on the roof. When all of the shingles are removed, individuals should thoroughly inspect the entire roof deck and make any repairs before continuing. Individuals should look for rotten boards, damaged boards and weakened areas of the roof deck.

When nailing the shingles on the roof, individuals should ensure that the nails are going in straight and that they’re nailed down completely into the shingles. Making errors with the nailing process can prompt shingles to come loose and cause the roof to leak. After the asphalt shingles are installed correctly on the roof, individuals can install the flashing, ridge vents and ridge cap shingles.

Individuals who wish to forgo self-installation of their asphalt shingle roof can contact The H. E. Parmer Company. This professional roofing company is a fourth generation Nashville business and they take pride in their work. Visit their website at to learn more information about this company and their services.

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