Designing In Commercial Landscaping Safety

Professional commercial landscaping designers are an essential part of any landscaping project. This is true for new commercial property development, and it is also true for renovations or redesigning of existing commercial properties. Often, older landscaping designs were not completed with specific liability and safety concerns in mind, so this may need to be corrected in the renovation.

One of the factors that professional landscape designers will focus on in the design process is commercial landscaping safety. This is essential for the commercial property owner as it will ensure the design meets all regulatory and industry requirements while also lowering the risk of any liability on the property due to unsafe elements in the landscaping.

There are several key factors in commercial landscaping safety to consider in a design. These have to be part of the overall design and are not individual elements, with each component carefully selected for both safety as well as integration within the landscaping.

Safe Travels

Pathways and walkways through landscaped areas of any commercial property have to be considered with respect to the elements in the landscape as well as for pedestrian safety. They should be direct from one location to the other on commercial property, which is essential to keep people on the paths and off the grass and gardens.

It is also important to choose the right materials for walkways through the landscaping or on the exterior of the building. They need to be safe to avoid slips and falls. They should be durable and long lasting based on typical traffic and environmental conditions.

Outdoor Lighting

An often-overlooked aspect of commercial landscaping safety is adequate outdoor lighting. While accent types of lights are a beautiful addition to any commercial property, pathways, walkways, driveways and outdoor seating areas, steps and features of the landscape also have to be correctly illuminated to prevent possible injuries or accidents.

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