Your Guide to Choosing a Landscaping Company

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Landscaping

Do you need the services of a landscaper? Landscaping companies are a great addition to your housekeeping staff, both for residential and commercial groundskeeping. However, not all companies are created equally. Here’s your guide to choosing between Canmore landscaping companies:

Bonding and Insurance

When you’re working with a professional, you want to know that they’re truly as trustworthy as they seem. A good indicator of this when you’re talking about contract professionals is whether they are bonded and insured and licensed or not. Ask your prospective contractor about their licensure and what kind of insurance they carry and look for a response that includes both liability and worker’s compensation for their staff.

Business Reputation and Experience

Learning about the reputation and level of experience of your prospective contractor isn’t difficult. When it comes to the length of time your contractor has been in business, they are likely to volunteer this information upon request. You can also do a quick internet search to find out more about their experience.

Reputation is also easy to find information about. Local forums and community websites will have information including anecdotal reviews and recommendations. Value that information; people make no money for offering these opinions, so you can rest assured that their advice isn’t being skewed by financial gain.

Year-Round Work

A good landscaping contractor doesn’t just work for you when the sun is shining. Rather, they offer their services for hire all year round. Look for a company that offers winter maintenance and spring pre-season services as well as summer and fall upkeep.


Nobody wants to invest in services that don’t come with a guarantee of satisfaction. For contract work, this is especially true. Ask your contractor about what kind of guarantees they offer and if they have warranties on their work. When to comes to landscaping, you’ll want a guarantee of satisfaction with the finished result.

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