Why Hire a Construction Management Firm for Your Project?

Your custom home is on the horizon. The image in your head will soon be a reality. The following are some reasons why you should consider construction management in Jacksonville to take the lead on your project.

Before breaking ground, a lot of work goes into the architectural design and engineering features of a building. Even earlier, a geo technical engineer should assess the bearing strength and drainage of the site’s soil and a land surveyor should visit to create a topographic map and verify property boundaries. Once design is complete, contracts with tradesmen should be carefully reviewed and negotiated.Kendale Design/Build can represent you in these and all other aspects of the project’s legal and administrative requirements.

No matter how much work is done on design and project planning, there are decisions that end up having to be made in the field. If the landowner isn’t around or doesn’t have experience in all of the trades, decisions are usually made by contractors on-the-fly. This can result in surprises for the homeowner and oftentimes problems in a later phase of construction. A trustworthy consultant keeps you informed while collaborating with field crews to ensure that good choices are made.

Regulatory Compliance
Your project may require permits from various agencies. Take erosion and sediment control as an example. Contractors aren’t always keen on some of the permit’s details and for this reason put you at risk of a violation. This causes problems for both you and the contractor, and often puts a hold on your project’s progress. Construction consulting makes obtaining permits and complying with regulations a whole lot easier.

Although hiring construction management in Jacksonville isn’t free, the value shows when your foreman is a step ahead of potential problems. Consider that you’re away on a business trip and some nasty weather rolls through the Northeast. The contractor decides not to work because of dangerous road conditions, and in the meantime, materials get damaged. In the end, you’re stuck with an additional cost. This is one type of complication that your superintendent can prevent. Another is keeping a constant eye on your budget. When calculations are done right from the beginning and materials are bought at the best available price, your build won’t break the bank.

Some people think that hiring a dedicated foreman is overkill for a residential project. But keeping in mind the benefits of legal experience, on-site oversight, communication with regulators and opportunities to protect against the unexpected, there are many good reasons to consider construction management in Jacksonville for your upcoming build.

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