What New Owners Need to Understand About Restaurant Permits in Orange County

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Buying an established restaurant seems like a great way to start making money immediately. The thing to remember is that the new owner will need to make sure the Restaurant Permits in Orange County are in order. Here are some ideas of what to expect and how to ensure the permits are up to date before announcing the change in ownership.

No Modifications Necessary

The new owner has decided there is no need for modifying the restaurant in any way. The most ambitious change will be new tablecloths for the tables. Even so, it is a good idea to obtain copies of past inspections and see if there are any outstanding issues the previous owner failed to correct. This is because the new owner must have the facility inspected by opening for business. In the best case scenario, the past inspections will show no outstanding issues to resolve and the inspection prior to the re-opening will go off without a hitch.

Making Some Changes

While much of the building is fine as is, there are some modifications that the new owner wants to make. This may mean installing a wall, removing a wall, or reorganizing the layout of the dining area or the kitchen. It makes sense to develop those plans and submit a detailed report to the planning commission. If the proposed changes are in line with current safety and health codes, the plan will be approved. Once the work is completed, the facility will be checked by a health inspector to ensure everything is in order. Once the permit is granted, and the initial rating is provided, the owner can look forward to the opening of the updated restaurant.

For new owners who are not sure how to obtain Restaurant Permits in Orange County for modifications and other aspects of the business, Visit Orchid Construction today and arrange for a professional to help with the process. The team understands what is required by the local jurisdiction and can guide the client through each step. Any changes to the building will be in line with current standards, ensuring there will be no delays in opening the new restaurant to the public.

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