Various Pool Shape Options For Inground Swimming Pool Installation in Suffolk County NY

Before contacting a company for inground swimming pool installation in Suffolk County NY homeowners must make several decisions regarding their new swimming pool. One of the most important choices is deciding on the shape of their pool. Since there are many different configurations to choose from, many homeowners have difficulties making this decision. Read the information below to learn about the various swimming pool shapes and how to choose the perfect one.

Rectangular Shaped Swimming Pools

This traditional pool design has been popular for many years, and in addition to seeing this type of pool at a motel or resort, many homeowners also opt for this classic shape. Homeowners who have a large area for the installation of their swimming pool often choose one that’s rectangular. One end of the pool is generally shallow, and the water gradually deepens to the other end of the pool. A diving board is often placed at the deepest end, and this type of pool is also perfect for swimming laps.

L-Shaped Swimming Pools

This swimming pool design is growing in popularity because it has the functionality of a rectangular shaped pool with an added bonus. One end of the pool extends out a short distance and steps are often incorporated in this area of the pool. Not only does this aid swimmers when entering the pool but it also serves as a shallow and safer area for young children to play in the water. Another version is the Lazy-L shaped swimming pool, which has the same basic shape except the shallow end is diagonal.

Free Form Shaped Swimming Pools

These pools have a curved design, and they can be any shape imaginable. Each free form pool is unique and homeowners who want to incorporate a swimming pool into their landscape design often choose this type of pool. These pools can be installed to curve around existing trees and other natural features to completely blend in with the landscape. A company that provides swimming pool installation in Suffolk County NY can also install these pools in any size the homeowner requests.

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