Tips For Hiring Landscape Design And Maintenance Companies

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Landscaping

The exterior of any property, both residential and commercial, is really the first impression of the location. The care, maintenance, and the overall look of the lawns, gardens, and trees send a very clear message.

For commercial properties such as hotels, resorts, entertainment venues, hospitals, campuses and even government properties, this first appearance is critical. Hiring a professional commercial service for landscape design and maintenance in Auburn will be a priority to make the first impression is the one you want people to remember.

Hiring a Company

Ideally, when hiring a commercial landscaper, look for a service providing full landscape design and maintenance services. Some companies only work as landscape designers or landscape architects while others only provide installation and maintenance work on the property.

By choosing a company with the ability to do both, there is a greater understanding of the project as well as a service provider with an established relationship with the commercial property owner. The landscaping company understands the needs of the property, plus they have a vested interest in being recognized as providing top quality service.

Past Projects

A simple way to see what the landscaping company considers quality landscaping is to ask for information on past properties. Specifically, look for properties in the same geographic location to be able to look at the properties and talk to the property owner or manager.

These references are important, and it is worth the time to follow up with a phone call or an email. When other property managers and owners recommend a landscape design and maintenance service in Auburn, it will be a quality service provider.

Ask for a full itemization of all services required and take the time to review the contract carefully. Be prepared to negotiate any issues on the contract based on the specific needs of the outdoor space.

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