The Swing of Things – All About Overhead Garage Door Repair in Chicago

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Garage door supplier

When a garage door malfunctions, there are two paths you could take. You can try to resolve the problem yourself, or you could assign the job to a trained garage door repair technician. If you don’t know which path is the right one, use this guide; it will put you on the path track for overhead garage door repair in Chicago.

How to Address a Garage Door That Fails to Open or Close

This is a very common problem. There are a few reasons why this could be happening. For starters, the door may have a balance issue. It’s not balanced, and it will not operate correctly. To find the solution, just perform a balance test by lifting the door up into the air. If the door stays in a fixed position when you release it, it’s in good shape. However, if it does not, the door has an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

Sensor Strategies

Next on the list is a blocked sensor. When a sensor is blocked, a garage door will not open or shut via a remote. If your garage door opener isn’t able to get a signal, follow these steps. First, check the perimeter for any obstructions that could be blocking the sensor. The most common culprits are plants and overhanging branches. Next, examine the antenna that picks up the signal. If it’s dirt or dusty, clean it with a damp rag. This should help restore communications between the remote and the sensor.

Key Considerations

If you need help with overhead garage door repairs in Chicago, don’t put yourself at risk. Rise up and contact Crystal Overhead Door Inc.

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