The Latest Trends In Residential Landscaping In Annapolis MD

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Landscaping

The yard and gardens that surround a home not only make it more inviting but are designed to provide a family and guests with a relaxing area to unwind when the stress of life becomes too much. Many homeowners become bogged down by the process of creating a design, as it requires knowledge of the various products available for use and the types of flora that will thrive in a given area. Fortunately, a person that creates designs for landscaping in Annapolis MD will generate a unique and welcoming layout that will make the space as functional as it is beautiful.

Seating Areas

When it comes to creating a design, it is crucial to have a variety of seating areas, so that it is possible to enjoy a garden comfortably. A patio and deck is a great place to incorporate seating, but many homeowners also enjoy creating additional seating zones, which submerse a person in the beauty of a garden. The use of concrete pavers will make it easy and affordable to create comfortable seating areas for all.

Trails and Paths

No matter how breathtaking a yard is if there isn’t an adequate number of trails and paths it will make it difficult to enjoy. Consider utilizing mulch or a compressed concrete material to establish walkways that make a garden easy to access. In addition to providing added character, they are also easy to maintain and will provide whimsy for years to come.

Utilize Food Producing Plants

Another popular trend in Landscaping in Annapolis MD is the use of food-producing plants within a landscape. While it is vital to incorporate flowering plants, those that produce fruit and vegetables will provide natural appeal and transform an outdoor space into the perfect location to grow a variety of foods. Though it may seem unorthodox, it is a viable option for homes that are short on exterior space.

If the idea of creating a landscape design is overwhelming, don’t fret. Ballard Enterprises offers maintenance and design services and will transform an old and dilapidated yard into a beautiful oasis. Browse our website to view past projects or call today to schedule a landscaping consultation.

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