Save Money and the Environment: Ways to Increase Your Home’s Efficiency

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

The cost to heat, cool, and power your home is significant. The power required not only costs money, but it also releases damaging chemicals into the environment. You have the ability to make some changes that can decrease your energy footprint. Simple habits can have a significant impact, and changes in your home can also make improvements.

Habits to Reduce Energy Usage

Lighting is a big energy draw. While having more efficient lighting fixtures help, the simple act of turning lights off when not need is going to make a big difference. Utilizing natural lighting is also going to help reduce your electricity consumption. Opening curtains allows natural light in, and it can also help keep your house warm in the cool months.

Using natural light to warm your house is a great way to keep your heating bill lower in the winter. You can also wear warmer clothing, and set the thermostat a little lower. Even just a couple of degrees will be noticeable on your energy bill. During the hot summer months, keeping windows closed during the heat of the day will help. Setting your thermostat up a couple of degrees will help too. You can find other ways to beat the heat, such as drinking cool water and making sure you stay hydrated. Purchasing good quality curtains can also block out much of the summer heat, if they are closed during the day.

Home Improvements

One of the biggest sources of heat waste during the winter is your windows. Energy efficient windows in San Antonio can help keep the heat in during the winter, and keep the cool in during the summer. This lets you stay cool all summer long, while relying a lot less on your air conditioning system. To further reduce your A/C output, a programmable thermostat can let you stay comfortable when you are home, while not having to always keep things cool as cool.

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