Properly Maintain Roofing in Edmond

Replacing or repairing roofing in Edmond area can be costly, but taking the time to do an inspection every six months can help homeowners find small, easily repairable problems before they become big expensive fixes. It’s also important for the homeowner to periodically evaluate their insurance coverage to ensure that roof damage claims will be paid.

What to Watch For in Roof Maintenance

Homeowners should have their Roofing inspected twice yearly in the spring and in the fall. The roofer will look for signs of degradation such as:

  • Damaged, curling or missing shingles, as well as other indications of premature wear. It’s inexpensive and simple for a roofer to replace a couple of missing shingles, and it can prevent the need for more costly repairs later on.
  • The growth of algae or fungus. If the home’s roof is beginning to collect algae or moss, the roofer can install lead or zinc control strips to inhibit the growth.
  • Rust on metal areas. If rust is present, the roofer will sand it away before priming and paint the metal.
  • Worn flashing. The roofer will examine all flashing to ensure its solidity. If problems exist, the contractor will remove the old caulk and clean the area before resealing occurs.
  • Missing caulking or mortar. If the mortar or caulking around the chimney and other joints appear worn or missing, it will be replaced.

Handle Leaks Immediately

If the homeowner sees other signs of a roof leak, like dampness in the attic or dark patches on the home’s ceiling, they should call a roofing professional immediately. Roof leaks always get worse instead of getting better, and it is easier to spend a little on routine maintenance than to spend thousands on an extensive repair or a full replacement.

Other Issues

When the homeowner hires a roofer for a cleaning, the contractor will remove excess debris from the roof. Leaves, sticks and other debris can cause algae growth, clog gutters and damage shingles. The roofer can trim overhanging branches to prevent serious damage while preventing rodents from gaining access to the home. During the winter, snow buildup can cause Roofing in Edmond to collapse, and a roofer can use a snow rake to remove it.

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