Landscaping Design in Basking Ridge NJ Incorporates the Design Element of Line

A painter starts with a blank canvas before lifting a brush. A sculptor begins with a block of stone before wielding a chisel. Landscape design is an art form with a canvas that is ever-changing. Its components include plants and trees that grow and change with the seasons and environment and the impact of the people utilizing the space.

One of the basic concepts used in Landscaping Design in Basking Ridge NJ is that of “elements of design”, which include line, color, form, texture, and visual weight. The elements of landscape design are the visual aspects seen and responded to by the people viewing the space. Of the elements listed the most common in a composition is line either straight, curved, vertical, or horizontal.

  • Straight lines create formality as they are structured and forceful and direct the eye straight to a focal point. They are typically in the form of hardscape material such as a walkway.
  • Curved lines closely resemble nature in their informal, relaxed, and asymmetrical balance. They move the eye slowly and create hidden spaces adding mystery.
  • Vertical lines create the illusion of space by directing the eye upward. Examples of vertical lines in a landscape design might be tall, narrow trees or structures, like a flagpole or purple martin house on a pole.
  • Horizontal lines create an illusion of space by moving the eye along the ground. They create a sense of relaxation as they are more subdued than vertical lines. Examples of horizontal lines are low hedges or garden walls.

In the landscape, lines are formed by the edge between two materials or by a linear feature. The lines in a landscape serve to direct the eye and body movement of the observer, thus are a powerful tool. The lines used to create form are plant lines, hardscape lines, and bed linens. These types of lines create space, forms, define dominance, direct movement, and create cohesiveness in landscape designs created by website.

Landscaping Design in Basking Ridge NJ begins with an understanding of the user’s needs and wants in relation to the site, whether residential or commercial. Using this information, the designer chooses and arranges the features of the design, those being the plants, trees, and hardscape materials, to create a masterpiece that is both visually appealing and functional. A thorough grasp of these concepts is vital to creating a landscape design that is sustainable for years to come.

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