Enjoying New Landscape Designs in New Canaan CT

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Landscaping

When someone purchases a new home that was under foreclosure, they may find the property to be in disarray because the previous owners were not available to maintain it. Fixing up a property, so it has curb appeal can be done by adding new Landscape Designs in New Canaan CT to beautify the area. This is done with the assistance of a landscaping service.

The homeowner will need to contact a landscaping service to discuss ideas on how they would like to improve the appearance of their property. The service will send someone to the home to do a complete assessment and will give recommendations on the best ways to improve the look of the land at a cost the homeowner can afford.

First, any weeds or plants that are detrimental to other foliage will need to be removed in their entirety. The landscaping service will send workers to the property to pull these growing plants out by hand, making sure to get to the roots, so they do not grow back in the future. They would then treat the ground with nutrients so grass can grow on the property. If there are trees or bushes present on the property, the service will prune them, so they grow healthily. The removal of excessive limbs or branches would make the property appear neater as well.

The landscaping service would then install walkways, retaining walls, or other beautification measures. They would add mulch, stone, and flowers to the property to give it an aesthetically pleasing look as well. After the additions and changes are made, it will be necessary to have routine maintenance done on the property. This can be done by the landscaping service at regularly scheduled intervals.

When a homeowner is interested in trying out new Landscape Designs in New Canaan CT, they will want to find a service known for giving properties renewed and unique appearances. Contacting Giglio Landscaping Services LLC is one beneficial way to get the desired look at a great price. Call them today to have an evaluation done of the land and to obtain and estimate if desired.

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