Does a Remodeled Basement Still Feel Dark and Dank Like a Basement?

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

a A basement has come a long way from being the traditional spot to store extra household items, possible game room, or spot for the washer and dryer in as an afterthought. High-quality basement remodeling can add a tremendous amount of living space to your home at a fraction of the cost of an addition. The right contractor can add value to your home that makes the investment worthwhile. This adds even more curb appeal to your home should you decide to sell it; a finished basement is a great selling point.

Humidity Control

Removing the damp feel of a basement is easier by controlling the humidity levels in the area. Dehumidifying will dry out the air and make it feel more like other areas of your home. It will be easier to maintain a comfortable room temperature, which is important if you plan on adding basement bedroom areas. Find the basement remodeling contractor in Palatine that has the knowledge and expertise to create a comfortable extra living environment for your family.

Brighten the Walls and Add Great Lighting

Painting the walls bold, upbeat colors and adding bright lighting will completely transform the basement. It will no longer resemble the dark, dank space it was previously. Consider track or recessed lighting to add an even spread of bright light throughout the space. Make sure you give the same considerations to any additional spaces created by walling off portions of the basement.

Quality Building Materials Make It Feel Like Home

Adding walls, closet spaces, bathrooms, comfortable flooring, cabinets, and completing the space with stylish furnishings can make any basement remodeled space feel like home. You need to use the same high-quality materials as you would in any other area of the home. Hire the basement remodeling contractor for Palatine-area homeowners that will give you the added living space your family needs and will enjoy for years.

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