Convenient Mercury Spill Kits

Are you tired of breaking thermometers that risk your health? Do you need a convenient clean-up option? Then what you need is a mercury spill kit. A number of laboratory and medical businesses requires these daily. Mercury spill kits are considered essential to medical facilities and industrial labs. The most important consideration for dealing with mercury spillage is to avoid inhalation. As mercury vaporises at room temperature, it is necessary to act fast. Light mercury spillage is relatively easy to clean up but with larger spills, professional help is required.

Mercury spill kits are comprised of several elements. First, there is a mercury absorption powder, which transforms mercury to an easier state or for handling, containment and disposal. Additionally, the kit usually contains goggles, face masks, and a pair of disposable gloves. Finally, there are also mercury disposal items included. This refers to items such as a scoop, a brush, pipettes, an empty sealable white storage container, and an empty ‘Quicksilver’ mercury residue waste disposal container. The kits always have attached instruction and information brochures, which guides users on how to clean up spills. The contents are generally single use, though some items may be reusable. If you want the most compact kit available, look no further.

Ecospill provide a very light and compact mercury spill kit, which enables quick and easy mobile transportation, they occupy less storage space, and they reduce the risk of long-term exposure. Each kit meets the safety requirements for mercury compounds M 024 4/85. They contain a reliable and unique mercury absorption powder called Mercurisorb-Roth. They are available for laboratories in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, and other surrounding areas. They guarantee ease of movement and quality performance for cleaning up mercury spills in the lab area. Speak with their customer service team to answer any questions, to get advice, and to assist you with any issues you may have with this kit. They are your number one choice for mercury spill kits.

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