Working With Tenant Improvement Contractors

Commercial property owners typically have a tenant improvement clause in their lease agreement or contract. This clause outlines what the property owner agrees to do to customize or alter the interior of a commercial property to meet the specific needs of a tenant.

The wording of the contract is critical in any tenant improvement project, as it will outline the process from start to end and indicate that it is essential to have tenant improvement contractors who can work within the terms of the contract to complete the job.

Multiple Parties Involved

In most cases, the tenant improvement contractors will work with both the building owner as well as current or new tenants. Choosing contractors that have experience in managing tenant improvements and have strong communication discussing specific issues, such as budget allocation and scope of approved work, is a key consideration.

Managing All Phases

Ideally, tenant improvement contractors should be able to handle all aspects of the project. While certain contractors can be limited to be involved in the cost estimation/bid and the construction only, experienced contractors can also be involved in the design and the planning phases of the project.

Communication and Reporting

In tenant improvement projects, the contractor should be communicating regularly with both the tenants (if appropriate) and the building owner. Depending on the scope and budget of the project, it may be on a weekly basis or more infrequently.

The contractor should be comfortable in providing the information these two parties require to understand how the project is progressing. When the contractor is able to be the direct source of information, the communication should flow effortlessly with all parties included.

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