What’s In Your Yard That Might Create The Need For Pest Control Services in New Canaan CT?

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Landscape Point

Some property owners need a lot more help from Pest Control Services in New Canaan CT than others. There are ways to significantly reduce the number of pests in a yard. People who don’t want to take drastic measures are best served using expert exterminators.

Eliminating Water

One of the most effective ways to keep mosquitoes in check is to control the water in a yard. There shouldn’t be any standing water available for mosquitoes to breed in. Bird baths have to be constantly treated with chemicals that kill mosquitoes. Homeowners should check for standing water that might be under bushes, behind the garage, or near gutters. Anyone who is worried about pests should call an expert in Tick Control / Mosquito Control.


Although flowers add beauty to a yard, certain insects will be attracted to a yard with flowers. Once the flying insects come around, more spiders will start to pop up. People who don’t like bees and spiders will want to limit the number of flowers in their yard. They will want to keep flowers away from their home. Planting flowers in a garden that is a good distance from the home is an option. If a person wishes to have a yard with a lot of flowers, they will definitely need Pest Control Services in New Canaan CT.


Firewood needs to be stored properly or problems with pests can arise. Moving firewood around helps to prevent any pests from becoming established in a pile. Termites can quickly establish a colony around a neglected pile of firewood. Trees on the property should also be examined from time to time. A tree might be hiding a massive termite colony. The colony could easily spread to other areas of the property if an exterminator isn’t called to take action.

A property owner will waste a lot of their valuable time checking their property for signs of pests. Anyone who values their time will just call a pest control expert to visit the property and take a look around. Such an expert might only have to come out a few times a year just to make sure pests aren’t a problem.

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