Do’s and Don’ts for Landscaping with Mulch

There are several dos and don’ts to make a landscaping project go as planned. Making mistakes in the application can cause the soil to lose the benefits it’s supposed to get from mulch, like holding moisture and reducing erosion and weeds. There are a few beneficial tips to consider before calling mulch suppliers landscaping in Lees Summit.

Do’s for Landscaping with Mulch

• Do use it as an accent. Mulch suppliers in Lees Summit can deliver colored mulch, which complements the color of your home.

• Do try out different types. There are a variety of textures to choose from including, pine straw and shredded hardwood bark. You may try other options like nut hulls, cocoa bean hulls, or ground up wood. Find the one that offers the best aesthetic value.

• Do vary the thickness. Try thinning out the covering as it gets closer to edges like pavements, tree trunks, or stepping stones.

• Do clean out old mulch in the areas where you are laying new mulch.

Don’ts for Landscaping with Mulch

• Don’t ignore bare areas. Mulch offers various environmental benefits including reducing sediment runoff and erosion. Cover bare areas to protect your property.

• Don’t use too little, but don’t use too much. Ask the mulch supplier in Lees Summit how thick it should be. Most recommend about 3 inches deep.

• Don’t forget the trees. Mulching around tree trunks can help protect the bark, especially that of younger trees. It can also reduce the threats other plants make to saplings and protect them from mowing accidents.

• Don’t use an unreliable source. Choose a reputable mulch supplier in Lees Summit to ensure you are getting a high-quality product for your home or business landscaping projects.

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